Of Leeches and Fiberglass

Five hundred years ago I would be having leeches applied to my leg today. Now it’s just a thigh-high fiberglass cast. And I know my foot will get better. (Even with all those leeches, a person would probably never get out there again in the millet fields.)

imagesJust so you know, I may not be posting as regularly in the next month or so, as I drift in a medicinal haze. We’ll see what adventures are to be had in my living room, aside from gorging on episodic tv and Poptarts. And guest bloggers are welcome, those with adventures to share, just leave me a comment and we’ll discuss.



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7 responses to “Of Leeches and Fiberglass

  1. Thank you. We’ll see how good a patient I am.

  2. I remember the last time I rode the chemical waves. Or rather, don’t remember. Chemicals tend to make me do things that others find funny and I never remember.
    My advice: keep your head low, your foot elevated, do everything the doctor tells you, let someone else weed your garden, and graciously allow guest bloggers to do the heavy lifting. You and your foot will be up and around before you know it.
    Good luck!

  3. Thank you, I’m staying positive.

  4. Thank you so much. I hope I’m not too addle-brained. Planning to get some reading done.


    Best wishes to you, Jean. Pretty soon, you’ll have HAPPY FEET.


  6. Jen Crichton

    … Should have read “fine 21st century fettle”. Probably “fettle” confounded autocorrect (easily confused).

  7. Jen Crichton

    Good luck with all this, Jean! Hope you live the life of a well-off 19th century opium addict for a month or two, and then return in fine 21st century. Fine foot fettle, that is. Here’s to leech-less healing!

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