Marsh Mellow

Anticipating guests, Gil goes into superhero mode. Building a spa in the swamp.

gil swamp

Or maybe it’ll be a time machine. I don’t know.

gil swamp cu

Making handcrafted marshmallows.

gil marshmallow

Hanging hammocks.

While I rake leaves, water johnny-jump-ups, inspect sprouting radishes.


Bake a carrot cake. Write a haiku.

Magnolia petals

Fall from the blossoming tree

Even as I sweep

Gil can write a mean haiku, too.

Admit it, we have
Life down pat at the moment
The hummingbird feeds

Oliver stays on the lookout for rascally animals.

oliver swamp

Or a stinky place to roll around. One or the other.

Finally I wind up drinking strong coffee with my old friend Barbara.

coffee beans

This place roasts its own beans and welcomes dogs — not mine though, he’d menace the others.

Sundown, the most beautiful day of the spring, a little cool with warmth threaded through it. Inspiring enough for a haiku. You try.

reeds swamp


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11 responses to “Marsh Mellow

  1. Regine Kelly

    I really look forward to your blog in my inbox.
    I will be at your WLA Washington Irving lunch next Friday. YAY!
    I was asked to write a haiku a long time ago (I did know Larry already)
    I wrote:
    Stick shift me
    over that mountain
    you good,
    good driver
    Teacher said, “There’s no free-form haiku!” I did not know yet there was a form.

  2. Still available for private use for those who are really daring.

  3. Gil Reavill

    It was actually supposed to be a mud bath, but the mud turned out to give whoever entered into it a woeful rash, so we shut it down before the town department of health did.

  4. I’ve yet to see the goslings follow their mothers along the Saw Mill River, probably a couple of weeks — but I did go see the lambs today, my favorites, impertinently calling after their moms.


    Oh … it’s the old story of the birds and the bees… you know. The cactus wrens are chasing each other all over the place and the ravens too… but the quail pretty much chase each other on the ground. I hope to see flocks of baby quail(s) in June-July… 10-12-14 of them … following a single pair of parents.

  6. That remains to be seen.

  7. I think that’s great though I’m not sure how quails hint.

  8. Steve and Betty Zimmerman

    Well, you have our curiosity. What WAS he building?

    Sent from my iPad


    Temp hits a hundred
    As saguaros push their buds.
    Quail hint at babies.

  10. Very nice! How is it dusk in San Francisco?

  11. Peach sky aflame
    Not a breath of air aloft
    Wintered brown leaf drops

    Dusk in San Francisco – thanks for the prompt! mfburns

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