The Trill of It All

At the cabin, you still have to hunt to find the crocuses.

Crocus in Spring 2The daffodils are drowned by brown leaves.

Daffs in MarchThe peepers, invisible, rage all night and most of the day. I thought they were early this year — we’re still building hearth fires every night. There is a scent of spring in the air, a lilt, but the air is cold enough to keep on with your winter jacket.

I looked back at my blog posts to see when the peepers appeared last year. To my surprise, it was the same time, to the date! The night of March 12th. I had to close the window, they were so loud, just as I did this year.


Nature has a brain. The tiny frogs know it’s time to get out there and peep their hearts out, to find a mate, to propagate. They are all male, the frogs who peep. Waiting a moment after March 12th won’t do.

If you don’t have a marsh in your back yard, you can here the trill of the peepers here.

The painted turtles aren’t far behind. And then the snakes.

It’s almost time for a springtime party. Let’s have a pig roast and celebrate the daffodils.


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8 responses to “The Trill of It All

  1. You heard it though, didn’t you?

  2. Hack Attack

    Can you ever be sure that you have heard the first wood frog in the township croak? — Thoreau

  3. Washed down with beer, it’s pretty great. I’ll let you know when.

  4. regine kelly

    never been to a pig roast!

  5. Last time lamb, this time pig. Tofu for you.

  6. Nora Balaban

    Yes please! Pig roast and daffodil party .. I have photos from your last one. And video of the roast, was it a pig or a lamb? I didnt eat it, but I took video!

  7. It can make you nostalgic, right?

  8. gwen

    the peepers in Ohio at my home started March 11th!!! my spouse sent me a file of the sounds at work that night just so I could hear them.

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