The Proper Get-Up to Meet Your God

I was irritated by the story in today’s Times about the 10 women carted away from the Wailing Wall because they were wearing “men’s” ritual duds, prayer shawls. It’s not the first time this has happened. Then I turned the page and came upon the Pope in long white gown and a red velvet stole trimmed with gold. I believe that anybody should be able to wear anything they want to worship, be it a prayer shawl, a gown, six-inch mules or a shower curtain.



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5 responses to “The Proper Get-Up to Meet Your God

  1. Zimmerman Betty and Steve

    The lady in “Psycho” met her God while wearing the last item you mentioned courtesy of Norman Bates.


  2. gwen

    I agree. God won’t judge one by their apparel. I also love Jean’s great posts. thanks.

  3. Lori

    I agree with mfburns and you, Jean. It is between God and the person worshiping what should or shouldn’t be worn. Personally, I go to a local church and wear a dress or skirt, but it is not the garb that makes the worshiper worthy. It’s the heart.

  4. You are SO right, Jean! It shouldn’t matter at all what you wear, as long as it’s “decent”. Did you hear about lightning striking the dome of St. Peter’s yesterday afternoon? The NYT article quoted someone as unsure of its meaning! hee hee

    Thanks, by the way, for all your great posts, especially the ones about your lovely forest environment, come snow, wind or rain!

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