Raindrops and Book Groups in Miami

At a pre-Book Fair backyard party under the Miami palms and a light drizzle of rain, I talked to writers. One had published a novel about the last week of Marilyn Monroe’s life. One was working on a history of Los Angeles and water. One, a MacArthur-winning poet, had written about sea monkeys. One had just brought out a book about the Wall Street implosion.

I spoke with an archivist who lives here in Miami. She knew all the head librarians at the great Manhattan collections — the New-York Historical Society, the Manuscripts room at NYPL, the Morgan, all of them.

I know your book! she told me. My book group just read it this past month! They’ll all be there Sunday for your panel.

Very, very nice, under a palm tree, under a light sprinkling of rain, in Miami.


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2 responses to “Raindrops and Book Groups in Miami

  1. Gil Reavill

    Very cool, the archivist. Maybe she can weigh in on the burning issue of the day, the hyphen question.

  2. Lori

    That sounds like it was fun. I take it the rain was warm? Miami is a nice place to visit, but I much prefer the Northwest. Florida is much too flat for my tastes.

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