A Fleeing Mouse

Sitting in the living room watching the reeds blow madly outside — no fallen branches yet. Pelting raindrops.

A mouse scuttled up the wall, disappearing into the ceiling timbers, much to Oliver’s curiosity. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, I suppose, it’s riled up by the storm.


Filed under Home, Jean Zimmerman, Nature

2 responses to “A Fleeing Mouse

  1. So far electricity is on — things won’t get nasty til tonight it seems. Thanks for your good wishes, we’ll hang in there and I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Am glad to hear you and yours are still snug and intact, Jean! At least you’ve still got electricity…or are you on battery power for your computer? Out here in San Francisco, we rarely get storms like back East or in the Midwest (we’re I’m from – Chicago) – I kind of miss the thunder, lightning and winds, sometimes. But not this! Wishing you well and hoping the best for everyone in the storm’s path. Cheers!

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