James in Siena

I’m off to the countryside near Siena, Italy, and I will attempt to post from there.

I am psyched.

Henry James went to Siena and imagined the interior monologue of the houses there, “silvered by moonlight”: “We are very old and a trifle weary, but we were built strong and piled high, and we shall last for many an age. The present is cold and heedless, but we keep ourselves in heart by brooding over our store of memories and traditions. We are haunted houses in every creaking timber and aching stone.”

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  1. I was just in Siena last week, the most dramatic and beautiful of the hill towns imho. Though I live near Napa/Sonoma Valleys and thus feel that the Tuscan countryside is “familiar”, those medieval hilltop towns have a very special magic. I was thinking, while there, of Violet Paget (nom de plume Vernon Lee), an acquaintance of Henry James, whose family frequently stayed in Siena as they travelled throughout Europe seeking affordable lodgings. Enjoy your stay!

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