Chicken With Ice Cream

Synesthesia — the condition whereby a person looks at something and sees a color or smells something and sees a color. Your senses translate into colors. A neurological, involuntary trait. Something like fireworks. Kandinsky, Nabokov, Liszt had it. They ate chicken with ice cream because the colors matched so prettily. Were they lucky, or cursed?


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4 responses to “Chicken With Ice Cream

  1. AZ

    This just in – J. also “sees” towns as colors – Tarrytown is pink, etc.

  2. AZ

    Apparently it’s a big deal for some people. I never gave it much thought until Jasper started reporting it. He identifies letters and numbers with colors. For me it’s months and days of the week and, I recently realized, musical notes too. There are online tests you can take to find out if you are synesthetic. I suspect that most people who have it never realize that there is anything unusual about it.

  3. Wow, I don’t. Didn’t know you did. What a facility that is.

  4. AZ

    Do you have it? I do, and so does Jasper. It runs in families.

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