The New York Times & New York City

My interview with Shelf Awareness: scroll down.

Gil and I made a cool automotive loop around hot Manhattan today to visit bookstores so I could sign stock.

First, outside The Corner Bookstore on Madison and 93rd Street, a Jeep plowed into our parked car, crunching it, and we had to wait for a plow. Then, with a rental, we resumed.

Some stores had over a dozen, some had one. A few managers said they were selling out and were about to get in more. A very interesting exercise, fueled by far  too much iced coffee. Along the way I devised a new signature, the same as always but punctuated by the witika sign.

Oh, and did I mention that The New York Times Book Review ran its glowing piece on The Orphanmaster today?

p.s. and if this pertains to my novel I don’t know how: I found a bullfrog trapped inside the front screen door this morning, about the size of my hand. It energetically hopped away when I cracked the door, so heavy I could almost hear it land. Oliver either didn’t know or didn’t care that a frog existed temporarily in cabin world.

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