The Orphanmaster Celebrates

A blast. It was just great at Barnes & Noble looking into that sea of curious faces, so nice, as I put up the pictures of maps and muffs. So very nice. I am going to eliminate nice from my vocabulary, it doesn’t do things justice. Either that or I am going to make more use of nice, as it describes most everything.

We partied afterward at The Dublin House on 79th Street, and raised an O’Douls — at least I did — to all the great (nice) people who have been supportive as The Orphanmaster came into being. I am grateful.

The bartender at the pub was not nice, he was grouchy, and he made me appreciate now nice grouchy can be sometimes.

Now on to a panoply of radio interviews (today), Connecticut and New York events, Arizona and then the great unwashed of the Midwest. Having weathered the distracting beauty of the West Coast, I am ready for this next chapter.


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3 responses to “The Orphanmaster Celebrates

  1. I cam to your book through Betsy’s blog —- it arrived yesterday morning and I’m already well-past halfway. It kept me up last night! What a smart thriller you’ve written. Congratulations and all the best.

  2. Nora Balaban

    What a great night! Can we post photos? The bartender WAS grouchy, is he the same one we spoke to on the phone? He was so lovely on the phone!

  3. It was a wonderful evening! Very nice.

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