The Streets of Seattle

I heard my publishing escort Eileen murmur something as we rounded a corner among the tall gray buildings under the tall gray Seattle sky (with a little sun twinkling in, to be honest). What are you saying, I asked her. Jesus Christ made Seattle under pressure, she said. Oh, I didn’t know that. Turns out to be a mnemonic for getting around downtown: the names of the twelve streets in the heart of the central business district are paired by their first letters, from south to north, as follows: Jefferson, James, Cherry, Columbia, Marion,Madison, Spring, Seneca, University, Union, Pike, Pine. So it’s hard to get lost, though you can easily roll down the hill to the water.

We headed for University, where she left me to take a mocha and a nap before Elliott Bay tonight. Seven o’clock, for those of you still on the fence.

It turns out you have to wear a jacket here, and summer has already started! I will wear mine for the reading.

Had a fun time today doing a taped radio show called the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library. I am told it is not just for the blind, and I will announce when it is available for listening.

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