Pitch Perfect

I know because I have tried to do it how difficult it is to read aloud from The Orphanmaster. First of all there are all those strange names and nouns, and who knows how to correctly pronounce them. Then, it is a challenge to give the right emphasis to parts of the text without coming off as extremely hammy.

That is why I respect George Guidall so much. He is the reader of The Orphanmaster on the audio CD. I just received a box of them in the mail. George does a fantastic job, hitting all the right notes. He’s a pro, having recorded more than 800 unabridged novels! How is this possible? I’m just going with his bio on the box.

The package is, I think, sweet, and would be a nice gift if you know someone who likes to listen as they walk or run or commute. (Shameless pitch.)

It’s amazing to see all these things fall into place, the book, the movie option, the cd. I don’t take any of it for granted.


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2 responses to “Pitch Perfect

  1. Yeah, he is fantastic. He really brings life to the characterizations.

  2. Amy

    Jean – I have listened to audio books read by Guidall and he is really really good. I was so impressed with him once that I actually “researched” him to find out if he was an actor. Great choice.

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