A Healthy Helping

My allotment of books arrives! But you’ll have to wait to get one; they’re embargoed until June 19th.

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  1. We had the opportunity to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich Germany this wenkeed. Between 1933 to 1945 over 450,000 people died there, either murdered or died as a result of horrific living conditions. They were sent there either for being Jewish, their political convictions, or because they were undesirables . We saw the rooms in which they were tortured, killed and cremated. The only thing to do standing in these rooms was to grieve and cry. Written above one of the barracks were the words: Never again . Perhaps we think we have overcome such atrocities but as long as racism festers the heart, it is a problem for all of us. Let us grieve those who have been murdered by the hands of another to the extent that we extend the hand of friendship to our neighbor as an example of what it is to love as we have been loved. Amy

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