If The Orphanmaster Were a Movie…

Who would play Blandine Couvering and who would act the part of Edward Drummond?

Perhaps they’d resemble this couple, in spirit anyway.

New Amsterdam Traders

This is one of the earliest images we have of New Amsterdam, in the background — note Fort Amsterdam and the city gallows — and two of its residents, a woman and a man engaged in trade. Note also the slaves toting goods. The male trader holds a tobacco leaf, while the women, the she-merchant, offers a basket of produce or other goodies, and they appear to be bargaining over the carcass of a beaver lying between them on the ground. Both wear high-style beaver hats — the product that more than any other brought colonists to the New World in quest of beaver fur.

Blandine may not possess such a craggy face but her costume would likely resemble that in the picture, and Drummond at one point in The Orphanmaster exhibits a dashing cobalt cloak much like this one. I’m thinking hard about actors and actresses that could personify folks like those in this picture, like those in the novel, because of some great news I got that I will post about tomorrow!

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