My Jolly Idea

We still refer to a woman’s breasts as “dugs” sometimes, or at least I have been known to for comic effect. The word dates back to hundreds of years ago, which is why it sounds so odd. Also the word hails from English.

If you want to know other delightful terms, check out the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue on line at

Here are some excerpts.

HOYDON: Romping girl.


JOLLY: The head.

POISONED: Big with child.

UNLICKED CUB: Rude, uncouth young fellow.

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One response to “My Jolly Idea

  1. Wendy L. Owen, Esq.

    It must have been quite a rollicking time, boisterous, irrepressible! Thanks for the link. I aim to expand my vocabulary.

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