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Gil’s book is out today

And I have an inside track with one of the authors. He answered a few questions.

What made you want to write a Nordic noir – about a place so far from home?

I’d always wanted to write about an American detective in a Scandinavian context. I had a lot of different plot lines. I thought it would be great to have a stranger in a strange land. I pitched the idea to my friend Sarah Hollister and we developed it together.

What can you say about the book’s approach?

There are supposed to be two kinds of plots – either a stranger comes into town or  somebody leaves town. This Land Is No Stranger turned out to be a combination of the two.

You‘ve written novels with a female detective at the forefront before. How is Veronika Brand different than Layla Remington?

She’s much more of a mess. Remington is even-tempered, level headed. Brand is half off her rocker.

Is she likable? Can we relate to her?

It depends how much you like going-on-40 speed freak suspended NYC detectives.

 What was it like collaborating with someone halfway around the world?

Sarah is great. In a story about a NYC detective in Sweden, she supplied the Sweden while I was more about the NYC detective.

Did you always agree?

I used to tell her that if I agreed with her then we’d both be wrong. I’m not a real day-at-the-beach as a cowriter.

What do you think is the most interesting part of the book?

That’s like asking who is your favorite child.

Do you plan to go on writing in this vein?

Yes, there are two more books planned with Veronica Brand and Krister Hammar as heros.

Is the book coming out in Sweden at the same time?

Yes, in English, and later on in the fall there will be a Swedish edition.

Note: You can order the book from Amazon today!

Use the link pasted below to scroll through the beginning of the book. 


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