Pretty things

don’t dominate the Grand Concourse. But you do see them if you keep your eyes open while rolling around the site for six miles a day, as I do.

Here are a few.

Lacebark Chinese elm almost bursting the bounds of its tree guard.

Flying cupcake, created by some wildly cheerful person.

Flouncy sweet-sixteen dress to delight a neighborhood teenager.

The seller peels his oranges on a small spit every day, and the scent wafts on the air as you go by. Useful, too, as you don’t have to muck up your nails peeling one.

Speaking of nails, this photo advertises some kind of luscious pedicure.

Christmas cactus all budded up and ready to go. I might go back and get that plant.

Silver Shar Pei puppy, new in the pet store window. I know, puppy-mill puppies, terrible! This little girl (another admirer guessed her gender, and I’m going with it) is too beautiful to not find a wonderful forever home soon. Someone on the Grand Concourse is anxiously awaiting her arrival.

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